Subsidiary Establishment

If we together can conclude on a winning market entry strategy, Avazent will help you with your subsidiary establishment project to register a legal entity in Sweden on your behalf so that you can conduct business here. Our industrial business culture is relatively conservative so having an in-country legal entity helps to establish your business entry into Scandinavia as a long term commitment.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden is truly the Capital of Scandinavia which means that you will be able to conduct business in Norway, Finland and Denmark from Stockholm in a very easy fashion. While Swedes tend to be as conservative as other Scandinavians, they are also open minded and move in packs. This is why Sweden is frequently used to trial new products before they are launched globally.

Limited Liability Company or Branch?

A foreign-based company wishing to establish an enterprise in Sweden will most likely select one of two main business structures:

    • Subsidiary, a limited liability company (aktiebolag)
    • Branch (filial)

Most foreign investors who set up a business in Sweden opt for a private limited liability company. Swedish legislation has long accepted limited liability companies with a sole owner (wholly owned subsidiaries). A private limited liability company is a legal entity incorporated in Sweden. The minimum share capital is SEK 50,000. A branch is not incorporated in Sweden but is a divisional office – part of a foreign limited company – organized to conduct business in Sweden.

Competitive Corporation Tax

A benefit of establishing a legal entity in Sweden is the corporate tax of 22 per cent on net profit, lowered from 26.3 per cent in 2013. Sweden also benefits from a business-friendly corporate tax structure.

Get an Awesome Downtown Office

In order to attract the best talent and customers, you’ll need an office that support your brand. There are plenty of great locations downtown Stockholm, but for an outsider it is very difficult to find a great deal. At Avazent we have developed a network of trusted real estate agents, architects and builders to ensure you get a great place without being ruined.

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