Market Entry Support

Before you launch a growth strategy in Scandinavia, it is vital to study the market conditions, who the competitors are and how customers in Scandinavia want to purchase. In case you are considering an acquisition, you need to truly understand the local culture as well as the business culture in the company you’re looking to acquire.

Avazent is your cost effective local partner

Chances are we already know your specific industrial market and can guide you in the right direction in consideration of both organic and inorganic growth plans. We help you gain knowledge of the market in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark in order to secure success.

Market Scan

Our market scan contains a compact research on the competitive situation in your segment, the current price level and marketing costs.

Potential Analysis

Next to offering the essential market scan we also offer a more extensive market study. In this study we focus on your specific wishes in order to deliver details that are of great importance for your internationalization. This study is conducted by local experts who are best able to provide incisive analysis and clear reports.

Competitive Benchmarking

We identify your most important competitors, their strategies and performances. This provides valuable input in the market approach we recommend or implement for you.

Local Price Levels

The average price for a certain product can vary between the countries quite drastically. Therefore, it is important to know which prices are promising and realistic. If the prices are too low, it may be reasonable to analyse another country as a possible future market. But you also have to see the relation between the price and the marketing costs.

Local Market Cost

The feasibility of market entry into a particular country depends not merely on the price of the goods being sold but also on the marketing costs. Ultimately, the margin counts. Sales supply evaluates the costs of effective marketing strategies; taking into consideration the need to offer realistic product prices, which are attainable in the local market.

Local Human Resources Conditions

The Scandinavian countries are know for democracy and collaborative management. Over the years, companies and employees in the industrial sector have developed peculiar cultures that you have to understand how to manage in order to reach your goals. Don’t underestimate what it takes to motivate employees in Scandinavia to align with your way of doing business.

Local Business Manual

Every country has its own guidelines, laws and regulations. Based on our broad experience we report on the legal situation, the expectations of clients and which adaptations and changes your business model requires to deliver a satisfying experience for your customers.

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