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Inbound Marketing is a great way to get in early in the sales cycle and educate your clients before the Request for Proposal is released. If you are operating in a industry setting, it’s likely that the number of decision makers you have to affect are few, but since they will base their decision on what their colleagues think you have to reach a lot of people in order to gain support throughout the organization.

Relationship Selling Is On Its Way Out

As industrial companies deploy professional procurement and supply chain organizations, who’s sole purpose in life if to keep you away from the influencers and decision makers as well as commoditize your offering so it can be compared with your competition on price alone, you have to take other measures.

Defining Industrial Buyer Personas

An Inbound Marketing strategy has to be localized in order to fit the specific Buyer Personas that your brand is targeting. We’ll help you interview prospective clients and define who your typical customers are, what they are interested in and where they go to further their knowledge in order to make educated decisions.

Content for Engineers

Scandinavian engineers are inherently afraid of looking bad in front of their colleagues so much that it is a stronger driver than the potential of coming off in a great way. Claims in Ebooks, webinars, videos, etc. must be 100% technically correct and should use data to back it up. In order to get a solid readership content must be more appealing than “10 ways to…” type of content, but rather be borderline trade secrets. We’ll help you create guidelines for content generation and can even create the content for you in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.

LinkedIn as Your Propaganda Channel

LinkedIn offers some awesome means for reaching those influencers and decision makers. As your Ebooks are shared via a blog post on your website, your key leaders, line managers and sales reps should share the news on LinkedIn. If the content is good enough, it will also be shared by your customers which effectively will brand your company as an authority in your field.

A Marketing Automation Engine Fitting Your Needs … and Budget

In case you don’t already have a website and marketing automation engine, Avazent can help you establish one using HubSpot or WordPress. We’ll project manage, define a design and educational journey that will fit your clients and create a modern and responsive website that will work perfect on all computers and mobile devices.

HubSpot is really a premier platform that will make the work associated with publishing articles, Ebooks, CTAs and Landing Pages easy, but it is also possible to establish a less costly platform using WordPress if you are open to the idea of more administrative work. For companies that are in the beginning of their growth journey, we can offer to build a site in WordPress and use Inbound Now plug-ins for lead generation, CTAs and Landing Pages.

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