Commercial Excellence

At Avazent, we adopt a holistic approach to Marketing, Sales, Fulfillment and Billing, which we call Commercial Excellence. In today’s competitive business climate, one should not isolate marketing from sales and sales from fulfillment, but rather map ones commercial process to the customer’s buying process.

The Customer Buying Process

Internet has really changed the customer buying process and today one can safely assume that the customer has completed more than 50% of the buying cycle by the time that he or she contact vendor(s). This applies in B2C as well as B2B and it also applies to customers that procure through an Official Tendering process.

For the commercially savvy vendor, the commercial process shouldn’t stop with contract signing. In many industries, it’s through change orders and spare parts sales that the real money can be made. Gas turbines, as an example, are sold at very low (if not negative) margins today in return for lucrative services contracts, but as customers are getting increasingly savvy at self-performing or outsourcing the maintenance in order to reduce Operational Expenses (OpEx), vendors need to device strategies that add value to customers throughout the relationship. Otherwise, customers will find another way.

Commercial Excellence

Contract Management

A healthy long-term commercial relationship should never be one-sided, simply because it will eventually run into the ground. If either party feel like they are being taken advantage of, they will start looking for an alternative. Commercial terms will always be a factor of a negotiation, but not all terms are equally important in every culture.

Avazent will help you define your optimal model for Contract Management in Scandinavia that make it easy to become your customer. We’ll work with your legal team or outside counsel to ensure that legal requirements are taken into consideration and we’ll even interview your prospective clients to verify that the selling process is aligned with their buying process.

Gaining Trust

B2B companies that establish themselves in Scandinavia will quickly learn that before anyone will buy their products and services, a high degree of trust has to be established. And in contrast with many other countries in the west, that trust is in many ways more related to personal gut feeling as opposed to contractual terms or a solid balance sheet.

Frequently, foreign vendors are told by presumtive Scandinavian customers to establish a presence, which means get an office and hire local staff, and stick around bidding on project after project until they get something. There is very little understanding that such a venture cost serious amounts of money.

At Avazent, we help you gain that trust without you having to establish an office or hire a staff. We help you understand the market and produce educational Inbound Marketing content to teach customers about your company and your offering. Insightful data and information can then also be used when approaching customers with using the Challenger Sales model to distupt their thinking process and open up for your offering.

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