Cloud Computing

We believe that the key to a lean business model in today’s business environment is to run it all in the cloud and to use software to automate tedious tasks. Business processes and product offerings should certainly be designed with the end customers in mind, but also optimize the use of cloud based software in order to drive cost out, eliminate the need for expensive hardware infrastructures and IT departments.

Our business run Google Apps for Work

Our own business operations is run entirely in the cloud, with Google Apps. Code development and graphic design is still limited to client installed software, but all CRM and project management systems, our website, our internal and external communication, as well as our accounting system can and is run from Google Chromebooks and the Android platform.

We’re saving a ton of money doing that and pass that on to our customers – but that’s not the only reason – we also do it because these Chrome browser based tools simply kick ass. We want to help you leverage them as well.

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