About us

Avazent is a boutique consulting firm that help companies invest and grow. Some we help define their value story and winning price, some we help enter new markets and pursue clients, some we help manage contracts and projects.

We focus our efforts on the Industrial B2B Space and employ our established methods for technical and commercial innovation. Our office is smack in the middle of Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia.

Managing Director

Why we are here

Upon returning to Sweden from the United States, Robert Bergqvist founded Avazent to be a solution provider for growing companies that need a cost effective way to explore and potentially execute a new market entry. Having led several marketing and growth initiatives himself, Robert had personally experienced the challenge of how much it actually cost a company to conduct the initial market assessments, meet with customers to validate the value story and eventually establish an office and recruit employees. Even for a $50m company, such an initiative can be difficult to finance.

Growing an industrial company

At General Electric (GE), Robert had learned to make growth into a process. Unfiltered customer feedback mixed with innovative ideas and great technology, marketed and sold in a localized fashion in select markets have proven to work quite well. GE’s way of working on the annual Growth Playbook with initiatives and New Product Introductions has been copied by many.

So what if it would be possible to bring the same methodology and industrial network to small and mid-sized companies that need a cost effective way to pursue their dreams? What if it would be possible to limit their spending for an initial assessment to 10,000 EUR? Would that speed up the growth process and the creative pursuit of opportunity?

We believe so!

Effective World-Class Talent

Our team members have previously worked for top Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, and leverage experience from assignments in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. The talent on our roster have engineering, sales, marketing, legal and finance backgrounds, ready to step in and add value to your company from day 1.

Value transferred to your organization

At Avazent, we treat each assignment with confidentiality and maintain the highest standards of integrity. Throughout the engagement process, we track and document steps taken and decisions made so that you as a customer continually have full insight into our plans and activities. This helps you and your team assimilate our work into your organization and effectively leverage the value created by us. Our measurement of a successful partnership is that we can be phased out and your organization can take over our work seamlessly.

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